Support Native American Artists and Businesses

Native American art and culture have had an influence on fashion. Not only within the U.S. but throughout the world. You can see new boutique brands opening up and promoting their lines all the time. In fact, we derive a great deal of influence from our Native American roots and infuse a blend of streetwear into our Native clothing brand.

However, there is a darker trend making itself increasingly evident. It seems lately there are people trying to capitalize off the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Or, DAPL as it is sometimes referred. It has become popular on Facebook to run ads claiming to sell 'Native American Inspired Clothing' with the goal of profiting off the unfortunate events in North Dakota.

Some of these ads even claim to donate part of the proceeds to charitable organizations but there is no evidence to back up their claims. It is important to note that this isn't only centered around DAPL. There are individuals and groups running ads mostly on Facebook promoting their gear.  Many of these Facebook pages are not even run by natives. We have found that a majority are actually run by Middle Eastern and European groups. 

There are ways you can spot these scammers and fakes.  

  • These groups are running Facebook sponsored posts and usually have a celebrity photoshopped in.
  • Pay attention to grammar and links that take you to sites with .uk etc. 
  • When you click on the link it takes you to a third party website like 'Teespring', 'Sunfrog', 'Amazon', or 'Teechip' just to name a few.  

Be wary of these advertisements on Facebook. Do your due diligence and spread the word 'Buy From Native Brands'. 


REAL Native American Brands You Should Check Out

Grey Owl Crafts
Provides a wide variety of traditional crafts, books, videos and artwork. They strive to insure that Native American culture is continually passed between generations. 

Native  Threads
A traditional, cultural and socially conscious clothing line. They blend these elements to craft clothing that express Native culture and surface Native pride. 

Beyond Buckskin
Beyond Buckskin empowers Native American artist and designers. They have done an amazing job advancing Native American fashion through extensive education while providing a platform for societal participation. 

A Native owned clothing line based in Arizona that blends Native culture, street art and music.

Eight Generation
Native-owned and operated based out of Seattle, Washington. They creatively blend traditional Coast Salish art with influences from an urban environment to make statements about identity.

Urban Native Era

Streetwear with a touch of culture. 

Saba Wear
Witty, fun and socially conscious streetwear and art. 

Trickster Co. 
Promoting innovative indigenous design with a focus on Northwest Coast art and culture. 


Section 35
"Our art and clothing will embrace our differences. We will bring you many different lens’ and world views. Yet through it all our hope is that you will find that we are more alike than different. "

Authentic Americans

Authentic Americans is a Native American owned and ran clothing company. They create modern Native American inspired clothing & accessories infused with a bit of art and culture. 

If you want to help, we urge you to consider buying from a Native American owned business or donate directly to an organization fighting the DAPL. Be aware of fraudulent companies and individuals looking to profit from Native American culture and artwork. Also, feel free to comment and list other Native artists/brands that we may have missed.