Native American Inspired Clothing

Native American Clothing has always been a vital part of the culture and history. Native Americans take great pride in beading, weaving and making patterned clothing. Native clothing also held symbolic meaning in cultural and religious ceremonies. Intricate bead-work was displayed on clothing along with headdresses were prominent during ceremonial displays.

As is the custom Native Americans were resourceful with the materials available to them and to this day still are. We made use of the skins of deer and bison along with bead-work to make elegant clothing. Beads and wampum which is a type of shell are frequently used to decorate tribal wear.

We here at The NTVS like to think we are keeping with our proud tradition of producing Native American clothing but with a modern flair. We strive to design streetwear apparel with a focus on Native design. Our exclusive lines and Native prints have a deeper meaning behind them. Whether its a lighthearted design or serious issue that needs to be addressed.

We make use of art and streetwear designs fused with our Native culture. As a result we produce unique modern Native American clothing that you will not find anywhere else.

Be sure to check out our Men's Native inspired streetwear collection and our Native Women's streetwear clothing line today.