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Inspired by Andy Payne

Through much adversity, Andy Hartley Payne went on to win the formidable Trans-American Footrace in 1928. Put together by the route 66 Association and sly promoter, Charles Pyle. The race was over 3,000 miles across the country. However, despite how grueling it was many reporters did not take the competition too seriously and fondly dubbed it the 'Bunion Race'.

That didn’t dissuade Andy Payne though with a $25,000 cash prize at stake he had an opportunity to save his family farm and provide for his family. Throughout high school, it was reported Andy Payne practiced by running to school 5 miles from his family farm.

When the race started there were over 275 runners. However, by the third day over half dropped out. However, Andy Payne kept pushing forward at a formidable pace.

He ran the 3,423.5 miles (5,509.6 km) route from Los Angeles to New York City, much of it along U.S. Route 66, in 573 hours, 4 minutes, 34 seconds, (23 days) averaging 6 miles per hour over an 84 day staged run.

This particular design pay homage to Andy Hartley Payne, who had the courage and perseverance to endure when others could not.


Native Mount Rushmore Design

Few know the history behind the creation of Mount Rushmore. It is a story of struggle and to some, desecration. The location of Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills are considered sacred land to the Lakota Sioux. For some, the four presidents carved into the hill embody a sort of negative symbolism. As the Sioux never had much luck in dealing with early European settlers.

According to the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, Mount Rushmore was constructed on land that was supposed to belong to American Indians forever. However, once gold was discovered within the mountain the treaty was soon scraped and the inhabiting Native Americans were relocated to reservations.

According to the Lakota, Mount Rushmore isn't just a sculpture or art they have a disdain for. It is a piece of art they dislike that has been forcibly carved into their church.

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